Pyridinium propane sulfonate (PPS)

English: 3 - (1-Pyridinio) - 1-propanesulfonate
CAS No:15471-17-7
Molecular formula: C8H11NO3S
Molecular weight: 201.2

Product specification

appearance:White powder

content:solubility(10%Aqueous solution): Transparent and clear, pure(HPLCNo dry)p99.0%.pH(50%Aqueous solution):2.5-6.0, moisture <1.0%

Product application

The strong leveling agent of nickel plating is a kind of intermediate which is often used in the synthesis of sulfonated interfacial active agent. It can be used in medicine, chemical reagent, surfactant and color dye sensitizer(Photo development)isotechnique

Product packaging


Storage requirement

Keep in a closed environment at room temperature and away from light

Product validity period

A year

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