Potassium salt of direct polyepoxy-naphthol propionate

English: Polyethylene/propyleneglycol (beta - naphthyl) (3) - sulfopropy1 diether, potassium salt
CAS No:120478-49-1
Molecular formula :C18H23KO6S
Molecular weight :406.53492

Product specification

Appearance: Brown viscous liquid

Solid content 90% (content 75%); Secondary ingredient: Water

Product application

It is a kind of anionic surfactant with low bubble and no turbidity point. It is a purifying agent in electroplating process. In particular, it is used in acid galvanizing. As a sulfonate, it is resistant to hydrolysis, increases the turbidity point when used in combination with nonionic surfactants, and is easily dissolved in benzylacetone, improving the equalization power. At the same time, it is suitable for high temperature operation, deposited coating bright and corrosion resistance.

Product packaging

25Kg/200Kg in barrels

Storage requirement

Keep in a closed environment at room temperature and away from light

Product validity period

A year

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