3-cyclohexylaminopropane sulfonic acid (CAPS)

N-Cyclohexyl-3-aminopropanesulfonic acid
CAS No:1135-40-6
Molecular formula :C9H19NO3S
Molecular weight :221.317

Product specification

Appearance: White powder

Content: the solubility of aqueous solution (5%) : transparent clear, (HPLC, oven dry) 99.0% or higher purity, pH (1% aqueous solution) : 4.5 6.0, water < 1.0%

Product application

CAPS is an amphoteric ionic biobuffer commonly used in biological and biochemical research as a pH buffer, commonly used in biochemical diagnostic kits, DNA/RNA extraction kits, and PCR diagnostic kits

Product packaging

25Kg/50Kg barrel

Storage requirement

Keep in a closed environment at room temperature and away from light

Product validity period

A year

Contact information

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