Propanesulfolactone (1,3-PS) - pharmaceutical grade

English :1, 3-propane sultone
CAS No:1120-71-4
Molecular formula :C3H6O3S
Molecular weight :122.143

Product specification

Appearance: Colorless or light yellow liquid or crystal

Content: Purity (GC) ≥99.0%, free acid (titration) ≤1.0%

Product application

1, 3-propane sulfonolactone is a functional fine chemical material, can react with many kinds of compounds under mild conditions, provide sulfonic acid groups accurately, give these compounds new properties, is an excellent general sulfonation agent, is also an important medical intermediate, also used in brighteners, dyes, biionic surfactants, sulfonation, leather, ink and infectious material synthesis

Product packaging

250Kg in barrels

Storage requirement

Keep in a closed environment at room temperature and away from light

Product validity period

Contact information

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